Night routine!

I’m mostly a no fuss person, meaning I can’t be bothered to care for my skin until it starts to hit me. My skin isn’t in tip-top condition but I can head out of my house with no makeup at all. Oh well, that’s for future post.

Today I’m just going to share with myself on what I am using at the age of **! (don’t you know age is a secret for females? Shhhhh…) image

I’m a Laneige fanatic.

1. It smells good. No funny smells that I dislike in some products

2. It’s not overly sticky or heavy after using.

3. It suits my skin.

Now if you noticed, it’s not overly crazy in quantity unlike what I know others apply on their face. You name it. Actually I can’t. I barely know what mine are. First up! Power Essential Skin Refiner aka Toner in my dictionary. image Next up, (if I’m not wrong in my steps.) Balancing Emulsion. Please don’t ask me what step is this. Google is my best friend. Look till the end to read how long I took from reading to applying my first Laneige kit. image 3rd, the moisturiser! Water Bank Gel Cream. image 4th and usually the last. My new toy! Mini pore, Blurring Tightener to target my enlarging pores. A little ex and a little too early for me to say if it works. image Next up, just once it a while when I put on heavy makeup the day. Waterbank Sleeping Mask. I used up my original so here’s sample bottle from the first kit last time. ^_^ image And finally, something for my forever cracking lips. Nope, it’s not Laneige. This is from Sephora, Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy. This bottle was from a Xmas kit… last year. :X image

That’s all that I have and apply within 5 mins? Yup, I’m rather impatient.

Anyway, here’s what happened few years back when I first tried out Laneige products where they have a kit with all the items mentioned above excluding the pore tightener and the lip serum (obviously). But there were another product inside and the facial wash. Don’t get it wrong, I still uses the facial wash but that would be part of my bath routine which no one will be interested at all. πŸ˜›

Back to the main topic. I took slightly more than 1/2 hr to get the skincare routine done. All because I have no idea which came first and how to apply. I’m a total noob. After that, it took me lesser and lesser time until the 5 mins I do now. People always say


But hey, at least I’m not lazy now. Just a little too efficient and little unconcern while still wants to be nice to my skin.

Come to think of this, there wasn’t that many products last time, yet those elderly have amazing skin. Maybe the environment plays a part? Saying that, I really do miss Korea. My skin and my hair condition is super good and nice there. Maybe it’s just a way to tell myself that I miss Korea too much and I’m just living in denial.

Time to get some beauty sleep if not no matter how much products I use, its going to be pretty much useless. Oh, not forgetting drinking enough fluids to prevent skin from dehydrating.

γŠγ‚„γ™γΏγͺさい! P.S. This is just a personal review. Subjected to individual preferences/opinions and please do read everything including any reviews with a pinch of salt. signing off, on the go!


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