Throwback Thursday!

My stomach is growling at 2am. SO, instead of eating, I’m browsing through my old facebook photo albums and I’m forever captivated by…

Korean food!

I’m missing the foods that I had last year at this month, when I’m enjoying a carefree time in Korea!

Here are some of the food that I miss.

First up! Steamed fresh Seafood.
This is found in MyeongDong. I actually saw it on someone’s IG (stalker much?) And by a photo of the shop front and the map (screenshot), we finally found it. But, I can’t remember the name because it’s in Korean. This pot of goodness is totally worth the price. Name it all, prawns, mussels, clams, squids as well as abalones and more! I wanted to try the live squid but no one else was gamed for it except 1 of my friends. But we gave it a missed cause the portion that they are selling is too much for 2 people.


Next, Army Stew.
This is the Eat Rest Money Out Toppokei near Insadong. Google this and you will find the location. (Or not.) It’s tuck in a alley but extremely popular and crowded. This is super upsized portion with my favorite Ramen! (And eggs!). I don’t really care much of other ingredients cause noodles are my life!


This is Ribs with cheese dips.
We had a tough time ordering as our Korean speaking skill is at the minimum and the English speaking skill of the servers are also at the minimum. A chicken trying to communicate to a duck. This is located at Hongdae. The cheese dip is just to die for. Yum yum!


Take a break with this exotic Pufferfish skin.

Yup we took a little risk and tried this at a certified restaurant that serves… PUFFERFISH! This is found in Busan. There were a few more dish we tried but I only like this the most. It’s a cold dish and I love the texture. Dare to try?


Here comes my favorite Street Food.

These can be found anywhere but we patronized this ahjuma cart shop the 3 days we were in Busan. My all time favorite and I know how to make the broth for it. FISHCAKES ON STICK. It’s so delicious and if I’m alone, I can finish up to….. uncountable. The other item that I love is the fried seaweed wrap. There is glass noodle wrapped inside.


This is a must have. Fried chicken.
The best we had is also in Busan. Just the right crispness and the hot sauce is awesome! Coming back to Singapore, nothing beats this. I can’t attempt to recreate it since I don’t like to fry food at home nor do I have the capability of cooking this. (I’m no masterchef. Just a basic feed myself cook.) Sorry to say, the fastfood chains or the Korean imported chains just doesn’t have the right taste. (Picky picky!)


Enough of drooling all over my pillow. Maybe I will be doing that in a short while? Time to sleep as my overly active body is ready to shut down and I need to sleep the hunger feeling away. Plus I’m trying to get rid of this disappointment of having something I want to hold on and had been doing quite well task taken away from me. And trying to shake of this feel that the title given now just feels inferior and insignificant as compare to my previous title. Not being negative just need to tell myself title doesn’t matter. It’s this Chinese culture of needed this recognition by a name or a title. I’m not sure I want to go outside and introduce myself as “oh I’m a M.T.” It’s sounds like a de-motion (maybe I’m demoted without being told straight into the face. Lolx.) more than a promotion to me.  Never mind, let me just drown myself in boredom and feeling small for now, and please excuse me if I don’t feel like introducing myself nor do I want to change anything in my resume, LinkedIn… etc for now.

A cute cuddly cat on my lap to end the post. Picture taken at a cat cafe in Korea. I’m not a pet person but this cat took a liking to me and slept on my lap.


signing off, on the go!


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