Just read an article from @lowkayhwa.

5 reasons why people love to be alone


1. You won’t embarrass anyone
2. You feel refreshed and relaxed
3. You can clear your mind
4. You can do practically everything you want
5. You don’t have to constantly be aware of others’ feeling

Spot on! Isn’t it?

Let’s make my mini add on own list.

1. I can eat all I want without anyone judging me. Extra noodles, snacks, 2nd 3rd 4th round of food… etc


Photo: Buffet town @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

2. I can shut up and get lost in my own world. I can have a bitch face on. (And smack my way around so no one will block my way when exiting MRT and stuff.)


Photo: Unknown source

3. I don’t need to think of topics to talk about. I’m such a boring person.


I guess, that is why I’m alone. Too much of a loner who loves to eat alone, and loves to stay at home. That’s why I have 1 of my parents constantly nagging me on not going out to meet people or not being able to expose to people with my current job whenever he sees me.

Let’s just say, trying. But it’s way out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, do you agree with the 5 points made? Do you love to be alone as well? 2 of my friends who agrees with me are pisces. Just like me. So… do all pisces agree? Just a thought. 🙂

With love, Essa