Commando Challenge After Thoughts


Picture really says a thousand words. I survived my first ever race with 3/4 of it limping instead of running! I actually sprain my ankle without knowing and I’m guessing it’s due to the sand and 1 sided slope.

Oh well, a hard earned medal. I’m actually very apologetic to the whole team for dragging them back as I couldn’t run. But they were all very encouraging. Even the 3 people that I met for the first time. Thank you is the only think I have for them.

Was suppose to spend my AL by going out shopping (window shop), eat or do some tourist kind of activities. Ended up spending my Sunday limping slowly to Tampines, checking myself in with Chinese Sinseh and Mon stuck at home. BORING!!!

Finally went out to Orchard today with much difficulties in walking since I scheduled a dental appointment way before (My dental is way too popular and awesome! Need booking in advance!) I’m so upset and angry despite getting to eat Hai Di Lao cause I’m unable to walk for long.


Ok, just let the potato starch noodle and kelp and tomato soup cheer me up. Realizing that this is no joke, I had to take MC for the rest of the week. How am I suppose to pivot turn, lunge or jump with this? Only console is that there is no fracture. As the doctor said and press on my ankle heartlessly, this is cause by repetitive movement that resulted in sprain, thus I didn’t realize the seriousness of it nor do the proper first aid on the first 2 days.

I’m ranting nor stop on this issue cause I felt so clumsy and feels so bad I slowed the whole team just to wait for me, I felt terrible that I’m such a “Princess” with so much problems. 

To be honest, I have never sprain my ankle before. I sprained a ligament near my small toe 5 years ago but its nothing like this. I strained my muscles lots but this is bad enough to put me off walking at my usual speed. I’m so stupid on this that I never realize it’s sprain and kept thinking it’s just cause my muscles are tight, and never apply the proper first aid to it early. Here I go again, I’m so angry over myself.


One more on my elephant legs. Ankle guard as I’m unsure how to wrap my ankle up. Drifting off after the painkiller takes effect. Got a slow effect med as the more effective ones… I’m allergic to it. Sigh~

Goodnight world. My still slight swollen ankle and lots of bruises says おやすみなさい! Gonna take some time to write on the Commando Challenge tomorrow. I have 3 days to spare. 😦

With love, Essa