My Korea Trip 2017 Part 1

Annyeong! I’m back to writing after so long! I just got back from my long overdued vacation which I must share with everyone. Can’t be greedy and not share the good stuff huh?

Achievement unlocked for me as I single handedly (with inputs from my travelmate) planned the whole trip! *A round of applause please!*

The only unfortunate thing out of the whole trip…… I LOST MY PHONE IN A CAB! 😭 Reported lost and found but to no avail! Considered it gone forever and may the phone explode (*too bad it wasn’t a note 7) in the hand of the person who didn’t return it. And my poor SD card. My privacy is so compromised.

P.s: I will not set up new accts (e.g. FB) nor will I ask you to send me your number via messenger and stuff. So don’t be stupid to fall for it.

Anyway, back to the topic. I will split the post as it might get too lengthy. Here’s an overview of it!

Day 0 – Thursday, 23rd March

  • Check in at airport at 9.30pm (At least 2 hours before departure!)

Early check in at our beautiful Changi Airport has its perks! Some dutyfree shopping or grab a light supper or even watch a movie! 😄
Day 1 – Friday, 24th March

  • Departure from Changi Airport with Singapore Airlines: SQ608 at 12.10am

Overnight flights are the best if you do not want to waste time. BUT, the sleep is terrible.

  • Arrive at Incheon Airport at 7+am
  • AREX and Seoul subway to Myeongdong
  • Baggage drop/Early Check in at Hotel Creto Myeongdong
  • Lunch at Myeongdong Gyoja
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Steamed seafood dinner at Jogabi Seafood Restaurant

Day 2 – Saturday, 25th March

  • Ehwa Women’s University
  • Shopping at Sinchon
  • Late Fried Chicken Lunch at Hongdae
  • Shopping at Hongdae (Flea Market was closed, seems to be undergoing soon “reno”)
  • BBQ dinner and Shopping at Myeongdong

Day 3 – Sunday, 26th March

  • Brunch at Masan, Ganjang Gejang
  • Shopping at Garosugil
  • Line Cafe
  • Shopping at Goto Mall
  • Mukshidonna at Myeongdong

Day 4 – Monday, 27th March

  • One day tour with Ztages (Petite France, Nami Island, Garden of Morning Calm)
  • Fried Chicken take-away for Dinner

Day 5 – Tuesday, 28th March

  • Lotte World
  • Japanese Lunch within Lotte World/Mall
  • Shopping at Myliore, Doota and along the streets (Hello aPm closed)
  • Dinner at food court of Myliore
  • Supper at Myeongdong

Day 6 – Wednesday, 29th March aka Suay Max Day

  • Brunch at Tosokchon Samgyetang
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Shopping at Samchingdong/Bukchon
  • Miss Lee’s Cafe
  • Shopping at Insadong (was, but dropped my phone in the cab from Bukchon and lost all interest)
  • Expensive Dinner at Jogabi Seafood Restaurant (to be elaborated in future)

Day 7 – Thursday, 30th March

  • Brunch at Gwangjang Market
  • Lotte Mart
  • Hanbok Wear at Goguan
  • Street snacks for Dinner

Day 8 – Friday, 31st March

  • Check out of Hotel Creto Myeongdong
  • Airport Limo Bus to Incheon Airport
  • Lunch at Incheon Airport
  • Check in and last minute shopping at Duty Free
  • Annyeong Korea, departure at 4.40pm with SQ609

Above all are just the rough itinerary of my trip. It’s extremely relax but very much suitable for people who aren’t in a rush or with family who can’t walk the whole day or for a lazy me who wants to slow things down.

My travelmate felt that there wasn’t enough shopping when I felt there was more enough. Maybe cause this is not the first time in Korea and based on reviews I gathered, most places sells similar stuff thus I picked the “best” options. 🙊 I do feel a little upset as I don’t want “regrets” but I guess that’s one of the toughest part of planning a trip, to juggle everyone’s needs. But overall, it is still a good trip and I’m itching for more free and easy trips in future!

Till the next free day where I can have more time to continue elaborating on my trip!

Signing off with love!



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