Beauty time!

Alright, maybe not so beauty after all? 

As mentioned way back, I’m a lazy-bum when it comes to pampering my skin. I’m aging afterall (forever 18 not?) and after the trip to Korea, my skin became a little dry. 

Anyway, just wanna share 3 “new” products that I added into my usual routine. P.s. that is provided if I’m not too lazy or too tired. 🙊 And, I’m not a professional beauty guru and stuff so I will only share why I like these products.

1. L’oreal’s Youth Code

This was not the one that I started out with but since I bought it, I will just have to finish using it first. But basically it feels similar to me. After this bottle is done, I’m going back for the new ferment pre-essence instead. By the way, I always thought that L’oreal is a brand that is more suitable for mature ladies but seeing many beauty bloggers using it, I decided to try. It absorbs quickly and my skin do feels hydrated and less dry. I don’t really feel a big difference previously but after coming back from Korea, there is slightly more noticeable difference before and after using it. Best part, this doesn’t smell bad at all.

I hate products with strong weird smell that’s why I’m quite picky over what I use.

2. Aloe Vera Cooling Eye Serum from Nature Republic

Budget people! I can’t afford all the “expensive” products in the market. Moreover, expensive doesn’t mean it is good. Cheaper price doesn’t mean it is useless. I got this from Korea and I love it! I have very tired eyes and the eye bags are popping out. This cooling little thing helps me revitalize the skin around my tired eyes! I don’t really have wrinkles around my eyes (*not that I can see!) but it is said that this can help reduce the fine wrinkles as well. I think this is quite useful for me who wear lens everyday and stare at the computer at work. Easy to use as you can just give it a little squeeze and roll it under your eyes. The salesperson did mentioned that it can be use on top of our makeup as well. 

3. Honey lip treatment from Skin Food

I think by now everyone knows I hate products with weird and strong smell. Especially lip products! So, this honey flavored lip gel is good for me! Honey has many properties thus I shall not say much but the smell and taste is not bad at all. Similarly I had to battle with dry lips when in Korea so I just popped by 1 of the stores and found this. Easy to use and not overly sticky at all. 

That’s all for now as I’m suffering from post holiday syndrome where I feel sleepy all day long. Actually… this is the usual me! 😂

Signing off now!



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