My Korea Trip part 3: Food~ On the Street and everything else!

Everything else that couldn’t fit into the post I did last night! ^_^ You won’t go hungry in Seoul with the abundant of street food, dessert/coffee shops and markets. I have to say, their coffee/tea places are much more affordable and easily available as compared to Singapore. Since the day I got back from vacation, I have yet to step into those “atas” places for coffee or tea.

Anyway let’s get start!

This joint is near towards the “edge” of Myeongdong street and their snacks are really good! We will pop by this place nearly every night. The fish stick (Eomukguk) is something that I can’t stop munching on. This place serves 1 of the best as the fish cake is cooked to my liking. Not too mushy and quite chewy! Each stick is 1000won so you can imagine how much I have to restraint myself from getting more. A small cup of complimentary soup is given and this peppery yet refreshing soup is what you need for the cold.

This is one of the must have if you like chewy seafood. 5000won per stick and *guilty* I ate quite a few of these as well.

Photo credit from here.

Another 2 must try is tteokbokki and soondae. Tteokbokki is straight forward, rice cake and fish cake cooked in this red spicy yet sweet sauce. Could be quite filling so advised to just order 1 portion to share. I can’t recall the price for these 2 but it’s not expensive at all. (Correction: It’s 3000won each!) Beside it on the right is Soondae. If you are feeling adventurous, this is similar to Tteokbokki but the main ingredient is this blood sausage. 

Sundae or Korean sausage is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. It is a kind of blood sausage and believed to have been eaten since long ago. Cr: Wikipedia

It isn’t as bad as it looks but… πŸ˜… maybe just once is enough. I wanted to try the soup version but I couldn’t find it and my travel buddies aren’t that keep to eat too much of this. 😁

Jokbal or in English: Pig trotters is also something that I was hoping to eat after watching how much the return of supermen twins enjoyed it but I had to make do with the street version of it. WHICH… have a strong smell 😨 but still acceptable to a certain extend. Can’t recall the price but it does have the melt in your mouth texture due to the skin and fats. Maybe… I really should have gone to the restaurant instead as this is πŸ–“.

Expensive shrimps on stick

Self explanatory. Tasty no doubt but expensive for 4 shrimps. Don’t get me started. The lobster that every must try post raves about has an unreasonable price tag to it. Please do yourself a favor and visit the seafood restaurant or even Noryangin Fish Market for it.

Rose shaped Yogurt ice cream 

Surprising tasty for something that I thought was just over-hyped. Pricey for an ice cream cone but the yogurt flavor ice cream is good. 

This store is at Myeongdong and look at the different colors they have. Right beside them is this Castella cake!

I’m not a fan of cakes but 1 or 2 small pieces of this is fine. Opps for the ugly look if it but it taste better than it looks. πŸ˜‚ 

There are two types, we got the original ones and it was recommended that it taste better after chilling it. So this was our breakfast for a few days (unfortunately for me…). Recommended to just get 1 as it is really big.

Price: I can’t remember! 


We found this along Ehwa Women’s University shopping street. It’s quite interesting but you would have to wait as it is fried on the spot.

I tried the one with that is covered with ramen. To be honest, not that interesting. Recommend that you try the ones with cheese and even squid ink. (All in the picture above). A little pricey for hotdogs but worth trying.

Twister Potato 

This is famous enough that I don’t need to introduce at all. Available everywhere and even at Singapore’s Pasar Malam. πŸ˜„ And nah… I’m sick of this thing. I will stick to potato chips instead.
Gwangjang Market food

There are only 3 items that I ate from here. There are just too many foods to try! And I only have 1 stomach! πŸ˜“

1st up! The 1 thing that made me travel all way to this place. Note: it doesn’t matter which stall. They all sell the same thing so choose whichever that looks good to you.

I chose this stall cause… I’m to hungry and it’s the first one I saw.


This is different from what we ate in Singapore. I’m no vegetarian but I’m so in love with this simple dish. Barley rice with wild vegetables and sauce. A miso-alike soup to compliment it. This is why Koreans are so healthy… 

Mandu noodle soup

There are two types of mandu inside. The red one has kimchi in it and taste nicer as compared to the normal ones. Noodles as per their standard, chewy and not overcook with flavourful soup!

Lastly, Mungbean pancakes!

This is from another stall and one of the recommended food by this Korean Guidebook. 

Bindaetteok is a made by grinding mung beans and made into pancake with vegetables added into it. Oily but tasty when dipped into their sauce with have garlic in it.

Other foods that are worth mentioning:

Squid stew at the airport

Seriously, where do you ever get to see a whole squid in a stew in Singapore? Rare… all you get here is teeny weeny bits that barely exist. The soup has a smokey burnt smell but the squid is delicious!

Naengmyeon with Bulgogi at the Airport

This was the 2nd cold noodle I ate in Korea. Only 1 thought, the noodle seems endless! However this tasted better than the one I had in Myeongdong. 

Alright. I missed this from the previous post. BBQ. Actually, it’s the same regardless where you choose. Meat is still meat. We were pulled into this place by the many promoters on the street of Myeongdong. We took the cheaper options of pork belly and pork collar. Beef is just… too ex! Just the right portion for 2 with a rice. Usually these places will throw in freebies like beanpaste soup so you don’t have to order extras. BBQ is paired with… soju!

The fruity taste Soju is nice but the original ones, sad to say it tasted like antiseptic solution. πŸ˜‚

The rest that I tried but lost all the photos (unfortunately…). Still, worth trying if you are in Korea!

  • Korean fried chicken: Ate at both Hongdae and Myeongdong. The spicy sauce is just… burning! Verdict: Busan’s fried chicken is much better. 
  • Grill chicken on stick: πŸ–’ Street food with some standard.
  • Chuncheon chicken: It tasted the same everywhere. Maybe cause I’m not a fan of it. This was inclusive in the 1 day tour.
  • Japchae with rice: Not too bad if you like carbs with carbs. Tried this a the food court of Myliore
  • Soft tofu stew: Much better there as the tofu is really smooth! 
  • Cheese stick wrapped with the spring roll skin: Ate this at Lotte world and it is good! 

  • Japanese food: This is rather random but there is some standard to the Japanese food I had at Lotte World. Tried their tempura during the previous trip as well at Hongdae and I’m impressed.
  • Jajangmyeon: I tried the one on the street. Big mistake. Please don’t bother and make your way to a restaurant or food court that serve a nicer version of this korean black bean paste noodle.
  • Dried Squid: Warning! Very addictive!

    I guess there are more but whatever that was recommended, it’s up to us to see and decide if it’s worth eating. Before I end this, do stay hydrated with lots of drinks that is available everywhere. My top recommendation (people will “chey” at me!) Is….. cold pressed GRAPEFRUIT JUICE! 😜

    With love,



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