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Lies. The above quote is so true that it hurts. Why do people lie?

Do they feel better living in lies?

Do they have no dignity at all?

Are they so delusional?

I cannot understand why do there are people that are this way. Is it cause of the “attentions” that they are receiving? 

I have been holding back for the longest time but my trust had been abused again and again. And now, there is only a cold hearted me. Don’t get me wrong, I valued the “friendship” despite seeing through those harmless lies of them. However when things get out of hand and I’m affected indirectly, I’m sorry… no more. 

I had seen people lying for attention or to show how popular they are via fake googled photos of e.g. birthday cakes. I have heard many different version of stories that was told to different people and it will never tally. I have heard one story and seen a different thing that doesn’t make sense at all. 

Playing with people’s sympathy doesn’t make anyone a better person but just makes me pity them. Pity that they have to build they life around lies. Pity those fools who blindly believes without any doubts. 

There is a chinese phrase: 纸包不住火

Not yet but what goes around will come back to haunt you. Karma will bite!

Sorry but not sorry. All these people who abused my trust, my sympathy, my friendship… made me stronger. They are the reason why I learnt to be more guarded as people’s intention will never be as pure as it seems.



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