So I finally managed to visit Garden by the Bay for some Flora and Fauna before the Tulips disappear! 

The tulips are just breathtaking with the vibrant colours! I didn’t expect so many different types and colours! Nor did I expect them to be in good condition since Tulipsmania will end by first week of May. 

So many colours and I can’t decide which one is the best! I feel pretty with all these “stars” behind me! 

By the way, this years Tulipsmania is inspired by Vincent van Gogh but to be honest… his pictures are beautiful but the above doesn’t do justice to the Tulips nor the artist himself. It just look… half done and dull? Maybe it’s just me.

Other than Tulips, the flower dome also showcases other Flora and Fauna. This time round we really took sometime to explore a little and I’m not into plants but I’m just overwhelm to know that each flora and fauna have different variations! 

After spending more than an hour in the flower dome, we stroll our way to MBS rather than taking a SGD$3 shuttle ride since the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Cloud dome wasn’t in my list since many people told me it was a waste of time. Maybe next time? 

Being crazy is seriously a norm for me. After “murdering” my butts and legs on Friday with my 3 hours Pilates, pump and kickboxing classes, here was I jumping and walking around on my off day. 😂 

But, it’s all worth it for a no nonsenses but peaceful off day. Afterall I only have 1 precious day per week. I shall make more effort to make sure time outside my working hours will be well utilized for rest and myself since no one will care for your wellbeing except for yourself. Loyalty and hard work don’t always pay off you know? You will only be disappointed because you won’t be judge fairly but will only be scrutinized and penalized for the mistakes. Never appreciations but only grumbles.

Signing off,



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