2 weeks hair color treatment?

Do you know about the recent craze of this 2 weeks hair dye from Korea? 

Well, here am I typing while the color treatment is on my hair now! At 10.30pm after work! 😂😄

April Skin Turn-up Color Treatment

To be honest, I didn’t know about this even when I was in Korea just 1 month ago. I was looking for Missha ???? Instead which I found but with my preferred colors all sold out.

So when I’m back in Singapore, I got to know of this via Qoo10 and that’s where I decided to try out colors that I would not imagine myself to do so! I only order 2 of the green blue color as seen above and delivery was fast!

Recently I’m going through a period of time where I just can’t be bothered to be the Miss Prim and Proper and everything done Right that I was for the past 6 years. So as they always like to say, YOLO! Time to try it out! (Alhough I doubt that the color will be visible since my hair is so dark…)

First impression:

  • Easy to understand with clear instructions in… English!

  • Comes with gloves and a plastic cover

  • Doesn’t stain my floor or skin to the point that I have to rub it hard to get out
  • Smells good!
  • Smells way too good! And super easy to apply on!

Alright! That’s for now… I will continue after i wash it off! 

After 1 day… 🙊

As expected! Not visible at all! Oh well, no expectation right from the start anyway, I was more worried that it would be too over and I will get into trouble with my boss. 😝

So to conclude:

  • It really just smells good only.
  • And your hair feels super soft and good after using this.
  • Color is not visible unless your hair is of a lighter tone or if you bleach it. (You can see a hint of green under certain angle and lighting…)

    Will I buy again?

    Not too sure. Maybe no for the non existence coloring but yes for the treatment because my hair feels really soft after using and less entangled for a few days. 🙊


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