Fitness dayout!

Soooo… I just spent my weekends at Fitness Fest!

That’s me happily bouncing on the trampoline at their photo wall. I’m super happy for the first day! But… I’m disappointed for the second.

Before I continue, let me show off my handmade yoga mat bag first!

Pretty right? I’m ready this year with this being made… 2 days before the event. 😂 I not good with perfect measurements or drawing patterns so this was made in my own way! *QC failed by the mom!* Anyway it held up well and it served it’s purpose. 

Alright! Let’s start with Day 1! 
Started early at 9am to queue for our swag bag. (It was hard to drag myself out of bed after teaching 4 back to back classes on Friday!)  

Registration was pretty smooth except that they can’t scan my QR code for entry thus unable to figure out what size top did I pick. Since I pretty much have a gold fish memory, i decided to just pick up a bigger size top as this will most likely end up as my sleep wear. 

The main arena filled up fast for the 10am slot. Why? Because…… we are all there for Cassey Ho aka Blogilates! We managed to get a good spot only to be just right beside the medias. -_- Maybe the organizers should had block off the area for medias earlier cause they started getting others to shift their mat to make way for the medias which to be honest, as a paying participants, who will be happy to shift to a further spot?

Pop pilates workout is as usual, Awesome!!! Cassey is really my idol and inspiration. Now you know where I get ideas from? *cue evil laughter*

Oh I didn’t queue for the meet and greet as I wanted to attend the next workout and since I already gotten a photo with her last year, I’m already satisfied. Moreover the queue was ridiculously long and the sun was just unforgiving hot.

Next segment that we attended was by Pure fitness. Les Mill Medley comprising Bodycombat, Bodyattack, Bodyjam and Bodybalance. The lady instructor is really good. Not a fan of Les Mill program but I still enjoyed it except for Bodyjam. 

After this workout, we decided to head for lunch. Lots of healthy food available but it’s so expensive! 2 stalls were the most popular. Dosirak and Poke Theory. For lunch we chose Dosirak.

Quite an interesting take on Bibimbap. We got to chose the base and the protein, the rest was by default. Of course they can’t deliver all the dishes on their existing menu but it was good enough. Among the 3 of us, we chose:

Salmon and tuna with brown rice

Beef with noodles

Spicy chicken with noodles

And we mixed it all up by shaking it. It looks messy but yummy! The portion were quite big though, had to stuff myself silly to finish it. This set us back at avg $9 each.

After lunch, we headed off to do some challenges.

1. Ooo.. nah, not asking you to look at the handsome dude but basically my friend and I were hidden behind the 200kg tire. Flipped this giant not once but thrice the whole day, of course with the other friends and the help from 1 of these guys from Crossfit Bukit timah.

2. We did the AIA challenge which we have yet to receive the photos from them. 1 min plank (too easy for us! And we did the full plank on palms. :p), 20 secs yoga pose (super easy as well!) and cycling to blend our juice. (Didn’t know there is banana soooo I just pass the drink to my friend. No like banana!)

3. 1 min burpees challenge which I think we did quite well. I only hit 30 cause my top kept flying up and my legs were seriously dying. 😂

4. Box step up challenge. Step up and down the box which is around the height of my mid thighs in 1 min. Never try to do it after such a long day and when you legs are really killing you. This is also under Crossfit. And we realized that they have it in Tanjong Pagar as well. Maybe we will go for a trial in future as it’s nearer to us!

5. Double skip challenge. Swing the skipping rope twice in 1 jump. I surprised myself by completing it. 

Other challenges include push up (breeze through it), more yoga pose, walking on a pole (Not easy at all! Parkour is not easy…) and some quizzes here and there. 

Out of all the discovery arena, we only tried out basic Muay Thai. The rest were full house. Apparently they gave up all the queue slips in the morning, causing disappointment with people who came in the afternoon. Spinning by Crucycle looks fun but the slots are all filled up. And I wanted to try the segment by weBarre, but unfortunately no slots as well. They should had just conducted a full segment at the main arena. 

Muay thai was conducted by some rather fun instructors from The Ring. Simple steps but tiring under the burning temperature. I’m tempted to try out Muay Thai now… maybe?

Before we get ready to do Poundfit and Zumba/Martial Jam, I was hungry already. 

So here’s to early dinner from the Poke Theory. I really love poke bowl! This is super delicious with generous amount of salmon and roe. Price at $9 if I remembered correctly. The infused tea cost $4. I chose the one with pomegranates and it’s refreshing in this hot weather.

Time for some drumming fun time! Poundfit by ActiveSG. Fun but I really pity these sticks. After 45mins it was all scratched badly from the hard floor. Ouch, and I know these aren’t cheap.

Last segment was Zumba/Martial Jam. I’m disappointed. Too much focus were placed on the Martial Jam which was basically repetitive Kickbox movements. Bodycombat is definitely much better than this even though I prefer non-pre-choreo classes. And… don’t get me wrong, the instructors were amazing. But I just didn’t enjoy this as much as I expected to. 

So that concluded my Sat from 9am to 9pm. -_- 

Day 2 – Sleep till I’m happy Day!

I started the day late cause I badly need to catch up on my sleep and rest from the craziness of both fri and sat. Was looking forward to doing 3 workouts but was left disappointed for 2 of it.

Lorna Jane had a special or surprise workout segment which I was looking forward to. But, I’m sorry, I’m not being arrogant and proud but even my trainee instructors can do better than that. It is either you follow the music or you just use the music as background. Off beat, off block, late cues… etc. Name it and that’s unforgiving for any grp exercise instructor. To a layman it might not matter, but to someone who have been conducting classes for 7 years, it irritates me that much that I refuse to continue and chose to walk out to MBS to get drinks. Even my friends who are regular gym goers got irritated and stop doing the workout like many others there. 

Next segment I was expecting meditation. With the preparation they did of burning sage? (I think…), we really thought at least our afternoon aren’t wasted but… never mind. It became 90% Yoga which was too fast for yogi idiot like me and some poses are not meant to be taught without supervision. And, the movements were not balance. She kept forgetting the flow for the other side and missed out quite a few steps. Wasted my Sunday afternoon just like that. 

BUT… we still have Cassey to save the day. 

PIIT28 is basically pilates interval training. 4 sets of movements. Jump squat, leg lift, plank jacks, lunges, side plank, jumping squat and lunge combo. Not sure if that’s all but my legs are dying! 

As usual she was awesome but guess what, lots of people had to finish the workout in “aqua” style. The rain came pouring down at around 5pm and those nearer to the edge of the tent had to bring home waterlogged mats. Luckily for us, the water was 2 mats away from us. Which was why we left after PIIT28 and forgo Glow Yoga. I don’t want to bring home a mat that’s drenched not with sweat but with the rain.

Kudos to the staffs who tried to sweep the water away and block it off the puddles from seeping in with tables and benches but at the same time they themselves got drenched from the rain. We were just wondering why wasn’t curtains installed? But anyway really thankful to the staffs!

To conclude:

The line ups for Sat was way better. The queue for discovery arena could had been better managed. The food and shopping area were a little messy. And the shopping part? Too expensive and the vouchers given were useless. 

The swag bag? A Tshirt that’s not drifit, a sports towel, a mouthwash, a tube of something, a granola bar (we threw it away cause it was disgustingly soft), a pocari sweat drink, 1 mini sachet of sunscreen, coupons (basically useless since there is a minimum purchase amount) and nothing else. According to the website, this is worth $100. Erm.. ok? I didn’t receive the fun tattoo either. 

Will i join again? To be honest, if it’s not because of Cassey, I wouldn’t had spent this much for a event. And as seen for the past 2 days, she was the main highlight of the event. And the lack of “drinking water” unless you pay for it is kind of a nah factor? We chose to walk to MBS and buy back 2 x 1.5L water per day (I got 2 x 1.5L water from my neighbourhood instead) and get cheaper (cheaper than the event but more expensive than in the neighborhoods since it’s at MBS) yet colder drinks available. 

End off with a photo that I grabbed from their facebook album. Working out with like-mind people are the best no matter how hot or tiring it is. 

To be honest, I hate to be captured on camera cause I’m not photogenic and these photos usually make me feel more self conscious. Usually I will avoid the cameras if I see them (except my own camera or my friends). But thank you, cause this photo did us justice. ❤

With love,



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