“Revenge” is sweet…

Ok, not as in bad revenge! Don’t get it wrong. 

How do we keep sane at work? Office prank when someone is out! This has been going on since last year and since I can’t deny I sort of started it first… I was rewarded with…

For my Birthday this year. It took me an hour to clear this and this scene had been there days before. I give it to the bosses for turning a blind eye and well done to all who were part of it. That includes our cleaning auntie. -_-

Now that’s not the point. I love those youtube videos where the office pranks were top of the world but way too messy or too hard for me to execute it. However, there is one that I always wanted to try. Which is why…

I cling wrapped my manager’s stuff. From her monitor to her keyboard, from her utensils to her shoes. “Protect” the things from dust since she is away with the sun, sand and sea. 😆

And the stuffy above is having a spa therapy for slimming. 😀

Work should be fun like this at times. Especially when future is bleak and unknown. Oh well, one of the things that I might miss.

Successful prank,



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