A Sunday of mine

I find it hard to explain my occupation to people. Should I just say that I’m an instructor? Or should I say I’m an assistant manager? To be honest, I don’t usually bother with it until I have to fill up forms. -_-

SO, I decide to give you a short glimpse of my Sunday, a day of an instructor.

Sunday is the only day that I don’t have to care about anything else but teach classes. Meaning no management work to do!

Planning my OOTD isn’t rocket science. I will usually end up with the clothes on top or things that I wear often. Nor am I super picky with the design or the brand. Here I have with me a Vivre pants, a Nike sports Bra and an Uniqlo tank top. 

Vivre is a local brand that is comfy and nice at an affordable price. I gave up on Nike long ago as it got too expensive for my liking with the deteriorating quality  Especially for sports bra; the thin understrap is just a turn off.

Morning is usually a rush for me cause… I’m not a morning person and I start my Sunday just 1 MRT station away from home. πŸ˜‚

Pardon the makeup-less me. I usually wear only a concealer and sun block on Sunday. Also… why would you wear makeup for workout? Clogged pores, dry skins… etc. No thanks!

The sunblock that I uses daily is this. L’oreal UV perfect aqua essence face mist. Easy to use, just spray on over make up (or without) and done! Fuss free and you don’t have to worry about your face looking pale because sunscreen are whitish in color.

1 more item that I’m currently using is this hair mist that I got from Korea. Since I rarely spray perfumes or body mist, I decided to spray on hair mist instead. At least something smells nice. 

Packing my bag in a rush cause I totally forgot about it the night before. 

  • Clothes – Checked
  • Mic box – Checked
  • Gloves – Checked
  • Ipad – Checked
  • Phone Charger – Checked
  • Wallet – Checked

Popped my Folic Acid pills and out of the house in slippers. Casual Sunday is always the best. 

Folic acid is used to try and increase my haemoglobin level which unfortunately also means that I can’t donate blood even if want since your haemoglobin level needs to hit a certain number to be able to do so. At least, once i started on the pills, I don’t get as tired out easily as last time (although I still will if I overwork).

Earphones on, and time to speed walk to the MRT station. I’m ready to teach when I reaches the studio as I do not need to change or stuff. Soooo reaching with just a few minutes to spare is never an issue for me.

Today’s schedule:

  • 10.30am Stretchfit at Tampines
  • 1.30pm Energysculpt at Kovan
  • 2.30pm Kickbox at Kovan
  • 5pm Aqua at Tampines

The look after 1 morning stretch class. This class is one of our signature class and I look forward to it as this is my only stretching class throughout the week.

Before I head off to Kovan, it ‘s lunchtime alone! I’m more than okay to eat alone, so I have no idea what’s the fuss about.

Beef Udon with Tamago for lunch with lots of spring onions! Foodies alert (*unfortunately) and I’m always willing to spend a little bit more on food. Also, by the time I’m done with morning class on Sunday, it’s super difficult to grab seats at the food court or hawker centre. Especially today! Cause it’s Father’s Day. Everywhere from food court to restaurants have a big crowd and a queue already. 

After lunch will be my lonely train ride to Kovan. And today, the weather is just perfect to sleep in instead. I was seriously praying for the rain to continue till night! 

My dose of Teh-O ping gao and less sugar is required when I reach the next branch. 

2 back to back of my favorite classes on Sunday are always FUN! I get to torture people and they would whine and complain but in the end, they still turn up every week. 

Energysculpt is a toning class with dumbbells. I love to incorporate some of Pop Pilates move for my mat workout and I love to listen to how much my members whine with each movements. 

Kickbox as the name implies, its kicks and punches. My class have a routine to it and it’s quite hilarious at time when someone suddenly forgets a move in between. 

Finishing the classes drenched is super satisfying. 

I’m extremely blessed to have a member who offers to drive me to Tampines every week. Usually she will attend the 5pm class but because it’s fasting month, she can’t but she still drops me off. Extremely thankful to her! ❀

Remember that I mentioned that I hope it continues to rains? Well as much as i love to teach, it’s just that we are being naughty about not having to do classes if it storms since it’s outdoor. πŸ˜› 

The rain did came again eventually, 5 mins before my class ends. And it’s full out thunderstorm again. I’m always lucky that it never rains when it’s my class. It’s either it stops before my class or starts after my class. πŸ˜ͺ 

Aqua aerobics is a water based workout. It looks easy, but because of the water environment, it can get tough but less impactful on joints as compared to on land. 

I will usually join them in the pool if I can, as long as I’m not ill or recovering. Joining them means I have to shower before I go home (save money!). 

And that concludes my lazy Sun-Work day!

Instructors have odd working hours and they have to travel from 1 places to another. People thinks that our job is easy but they have no idea at all. As I’m bounded to a company, I had it slightly easier but freelance instructors definitely have a more interesting day than me.

By the way this is just part of my job scope. Similarly there are people who thinks that I have it easy but they tend to forget that I have management work to do as well. That’s why I find it hard when people ask me what’s my occupation. But it’s ok, talking is always easy just like the way people pushes the blames to us. No point explaining at all. 

Anyway, being an instructor is really fulfilling. The satisfaction from seeing how much your members improve in terms of stamina, coordinate and fitness is just awesome. I don’t have a big head or a big ego, but to be complimented once in a while will motivate you to work harder on improving your classss for them. And we all do need a pat in a back at times. I don’t need gifts or public compliments on social media, but I do appreciate some recognition of my effort from the everyone as well.

With that, signing off…

And to Essa who will gain more freedom and peacefulness in less than 2 months time. Looking forward to picking up new skills and exploring more options and not being overused and unappreciated anymore!


Yes! GO fitness musicΒ 

By now, you would have guessed my job. I might not know the top hits or new release of songs but I do know that I need music that is catchy enough for my classes. I teach a variety of classes and as instructors, we need music that have been edited into 32 counts and not mainstream music. Of course some would say, why don’t you mix it yourself? I tried and it wasn’t the best and it took me a long time just to get 1 mix. You have to edit out the bridge or some extra beats in the music and more. Afterwhich you still have to weave 2 songs together so it will transit nicely. Tough for someone who aren’t that competent in Mixmeister software.

Anyway, aerobics music is different from kickboxing music! That’s what I think. I really dislike some of the kickbox music that is in the market as they uses pop songs that doesn’t give you the vibes to kick or punch but rather dance. Try punching to shape of you. *For example.* Weird right? 

So, I decided to give this service a try after eyeing it for the longest time. 1st month free and subsequently they will deduct accordingly. I took the all access plan at USD14.95 per month. There’s a total of 3 plans but come on, with the difference of 1 or 2 bucks, all access is more worthy than either just their pre-mixed option or custom music option.

Here’s the app that’s sitting on the main page of my phone. 

Once you click it, you will come to this orange page where you get to choose either pre-mixes, make your own custom mix and lastly my music.

First up! Pre-mixes. These are made by Yes!Fitness. So instead of buying an album off each time, I get to access all! And with this, you will get exclusive contents as well!

Next up! Custom mix. You will get to choose the songs that you would like and they will mix it for you and within a few minutes, you have a brand new album to play in your class. So far, I had fun playing songs that I use to like as a teenager. Think S club 7 and Britney Spears. *Don’t judge. :p

And here’s my music! Where I downloaded the pre-mixes and the custom mixes that I made. And it doesn’t matter than I’m using Andriod instead of Apple. As the music plays from the apps (after downloading, wifi id not required, so… it is safe to put your phone in airplane mode during class), I don’t have to worry that there will be gaps between songs. 

You get the tempo magic app for free with this! Of course, there are some flaws and tempo magic is still more stable somehow. You can adjust the bpm of your music or you can even lock the bpm for all songs for a sculpting class where music bpm doesn’t need to increase progressively.

Although the app has it’s flaws, it does helped alot for me in terms of classes. I don’t have to use the same music for e.g. 3 months till the next purchase that i make on behalf of my company. Mind you, they aren’t cheap. And, to be honest, it should be the instructors’ responsibility not the company. It’s your job or at the very least, a tool that is necessary for you to conduct a class. And, everyone have different taste in music. 

So to come out with excuses such as the company never buy or the music are not nice is just plain nonsensical to me. That is exactly what I face with everytime. People who do not appreciate it and are ungrateful about it. All they do is just to complain about the music. Asked for suggestions but keep quiet. πŸ™‚ 

Back to topic, you can check out for more information here

I hope they can eventually improve the app to be better and make it more stable. Also, hopefully they will add in more music such as Kpop music in future.

Kicking my way,


MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Remember the swag bag from fitness fest? Well this was 1 of the item inside. A free sample of Steam Eye Mask. I only tried this once a year back and at that time, I always wondered if it was safe to wear it overnight because it was never stated anywhere! 

So yesterday I decided to use this after I took a IG story photo that…

Some awesome eyebags I have huh? Been extremely tired for the past few days and my right eye was a little swollen and bloodshot for some reason. 

Back to topic, this is what you get inside!

It does has a resemblance to a pad. πŸ˜‚ 

Once you remove this from the packaging, open the part where you will loop it on your ears and voila, it will heat up automatically and help relieve some of the puffiness and tireness of our eyes. Don’t expect miracle, these are just temporary. 

Anyway, I fell asleep with it last night. So…

Morning! Ok I say there is no miracles but the eyebags did disappear for now. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I did have a good sleep with this. Recommended to use! Lavender is one of the best to aid in sleeping. 

Happy eyes,