MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Remember the swag bag from fitness fest? Well this was 1 of the item inside. A free sample of Steam Eye Mask. I only tried this once a year back and at that time, I always wondered if it was safe to wear it overnight because it was never stated anywhere! 

So yesterday I decided to use this after I took a IG story photo that…

Some awesome eyebags I have huh? Been extremely tired for the past few days and my right eye was a little swollen and bloodshot for some reason. 

Back to topic, this is what you get inside!

It does has a resemblance to a pad. 😂 

Once you remove this from the packaging, open the part where you will loop it on your ears and voila, it will heat up automatically and help relieve some of the puffiness and tireness of our eyes. Don’t expect miracle, these are just temporary. 

Anyway, I fell asleep with it last night. So…

Morning! Ok I say there is no miracles but the eyebags did disappear for now. 😂

Anyway, I did have a good sleep with this. Recommended to use! Lavender is one of the best to aid in sleeping. 

Happy eyes,



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