Yes! GO fitness music 

By now, you would have guessed my job. I might not know the top hits or new release of songs but I do know that I need music that is catchy enough for my classes. I teach a variety of classes and as instructors, we need music that have been edited into 32 counts and not mainstream music. Of course some would say, why don’t you mix it yourself? I tried and it wasn’t the best and it took me a long time just to get 1 mix. You have to edit out the bridge or some extra beats in the music and more. Afterwhich you still have to weave 2 songs together so it will transit nicely. Tough for someone who aren’t that competent in Mixmeister software.

Anyway, aerobics music is different from kickboxing music! That’s what I think. I really dislike some of the kickbox music that is in the market as they uses pop songs that doesn’t give you the vibes to kick or punch but rather dance. Try punching to shape of you. *For example.* Weird right? 

So, I decided to give this service a try after eyeing it for the longest time. 1st month free and subsequently they will deduct accordingly. I took the all access plan at USD14.95 per month. There’s a total of 3 plans but come on, with the difference of 1 or 2 bucks, all access is more worthy than either just their pre-mixed option or custom music option.

Here’s the app that’s sitting on the main page of my phone. 

Once you click it, you will come to this orange page where you get to choose either pre-mixes, make your own custom mix and lastly my music.

First up! Pre-mixes. These are made by Yes!Fitness. So instead of buying an album off each time, I get to access all! And with this, you will get exclusive contents as well!

Next up! Custom mix. You will get to choose the songs that you would like and they will mix it for you and within a few minutes, you have a brand new album to play in your class. So far, I had fun playing songs that I use to like as a teenager. Think S club 7 and Britney Spears. *Don’t judge. :p

And here’s my music! Where I downloaded the pre-mixes and the custom mixes that I made. And it doesn’t matter than I’m using Andriod instead of Apple. As the music plays from the apps (after downloading, wifi id not required, so… it is safe to put your phone in airplane mode during class), I don’t have to worry that there will be gaps between songs. 

You get the tempo magic app for free with this! Of course, there are some flaws and tempo magic is still more stable somehow. You can adjust the bpm of your music or you can even lock the bpm for all songs for a sculpting class where music bpm doesn’t need to increase progressively.

Although the app has it’s flaws, it does helped alot for me in terms of classes. I don’t have to use the same music for e.g. 3 months till the next purchase that i make on behalf of my company. Mind you, they aren’t cheap. And, to be honest, it should be the instructors’ responsibility not the company. It’s your job or at the very least, a tool that is necessary for you to conduct a class. And, everyone have different taste in music. 

So to come out with excuses such as the company never buy or the music are not nice is just plain nonsensical to me. That is exactly what I face with everytime. People who do not appreciate it and are ungrateful about it. All they do is just to complain about the music. Asked for suggestions but keep quiet. 🙂 

Back to topic, you can check out for more information here

I hope they can eventually improve the app to be better and make it more stable. Also, hopefully they will add in more music such as Kpop music in future.

Kicking my way,



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