When kind words came too late…

Skeptical. The only thought I have with all the kind words I’m hearing. No offenses, maybe they really meant it but why wait till now? When everything is coming to an end?

I guess i kind of understand how people feels during the last few weeks of ~.

The anger and disappointment just breaks your heart to a point that you just want to do the minimum.

That said, I don’t believe in ending things on a sour note. Because you will never know that you will go a big round but come back to the same place again. Moreover, I just can’t not fulfil my duties to the end. It’s this irritating trait of mine. -_-

Oh well, appreciations can make a big difference but it came way too late. I’m already heartbroken. Don’t talk about me being ungrateful (I am thankful but that cannot 当饭吃) but I kept quiet for the past years only to be used and underappreciated.

And someone else can easily replace me.