I can fly!

Dragged myself out of bed on my so called “off day” for a workout. What’s so special you might ask?

Well, an elephant like me can “fly” in class!

I very much doubt you can spot me here cause as per usual, I hid myself right at the corner in the back of the room. And I blend in cause I was in black from head to toe. :p

Fun factor was there and it does need you to take a leap of faith to do some of the jumps and stuff. You have to trust it to let go.

The class is supposed to be 1 hr but I felt that with all the fidgeting of the harnesses and stuff, 1 hr wasn’t enough at all. Around 15 mins was used just to get as noobs into the harness which by the way was a pain in the ass. Literally. I have to thank the regular goers and the instructor for helping us to get all of us ready. 

Anyway back to it, the basics were taught and put together for a short routine. From running to squating to push ups to planks to jumping! Even for a fitness instructor like me, I had a hard time squating, maybe I was too short? And I nearly fall flat with 1 wrong step but… i’m actually “floating” above the floor. 🙂 

Instructor Kat is really awesome and we were quite lucky to try her class as the local instructors will be taking over from next week onwards.

In conclusion:

The duration is too short and for the price of $28… rather steep for a class! As much as I love it, once is enough. Especially when I’m already “out of job” wef today. 😂  *Need to watch my expenses as I’m officially a freelancer as of now with no CPF and unstable income.*

And the location at the Arena is a little out of the way for me and there is only 1 bus from Serangoon MRT station. But really worth the try! 

With the bubbly instructor Kat and the ladies whom I joined as a group to go today!

Signing off,



Quickie Lunchie

It doesn’t take much to know who is always there for you. Dearest bestie dropped by my workplace for the last time for a quick lunch with me! 

Fish and Chick @ Commonwealth Koufu

This stall caught my attention when it opened at Koufu few months back! As the name implied, it’s selling point is… no brainer! Fish and chips or in their case, my favorite from them is their fish and pasta!

Recommended: Fish!

Depending on whether you prefer pasta or fries, just know that their fish is really delicious!

So far i have tried both their Salted Egg Yolk pasta & Fish and Chili Crab pasta & Fish. (*Shown above)

Based on what i ate yesterday, the standard did dropped slightly for the pasta as the sauce are too watery but the fish is still awesome as usual! I gotten their coleslaw as well and it’s one of thr creamiest I ever ate, in a good way!

Had also tried their double fish and chips before with both sauce and it’s a good choice if you prefer a lot of fishes and no pasta! Unfortunately I was too hungry at that point of time to take a picture of it! 

Would I recommend it? Yes!

Price wise is a little pricey for a food court but it’s worth it. 

P.s. Wanted to try their new lobster menu but it’s out of stock.

As I said it’s the last time as I’m jumping into the uncertainties in 2 days time after serving my 3 months notice at work. So much emotions but it’s now or never. Bravest thing I ever did and might also be one of the stupidest thing I did as well. Now to freedom. Time of my own, to replace classes as and when I can on top of the classes I’m holding, to upgrade my skills be it old or new, to explore the small world outside and to take a short break before my next step! And, no need to deal with #*#^÷€$¥(! Letting go is hard but it’s a start to step out of my comfort zone! Wish me all the best!

P.s. Time to get back on track as I’m gaining so much weight!

Needs lot of luck,