1 month in… and Gudetama!

1 month in the “unemployed” category (*technically) and still surviving as it seems. Maybe not totally umemployed but still… 

August was quite a month and thank goodness for the number of replacement classes available for that’s my only source of income now. Plus I finally “upgraded” myself by going on course.

Anyway that’s not the main thing. Say hello to…


When to the cafe last month to celebrate our little Prince’s Birthday and I’m impressed. The food and service are good! And super adorable! I’m just gonna show you some of the food! P.s. Too hungry and too lazy to take photos when the rest of my friends are doing so. 😛

All day breadfast!

 The steak I took! Yummy! But since this is a kids friendly restaurant, you don’t get to choose the doneness…

Ok… let’s be honest here, most of the photos I took are all eggs but not the full dish! So かわいい!

Food is on the expensive side due to the cartoon character. Portion is big though… advisable to share instead. And since this is kids friendly like I mentioned earlier on, the chili sauce is… sweet instead. 

The restaurant went the extra mile to prepare the dessert plate (we only chose 1 cake but they gave us a set) and sang Birthday Song along with us. Really a wonderful experience!

Overall, worth visiting at least once! Be prepared to queue as it was crowded on weekends but we made reservation so it didn’t really matter to us.


3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361 Suntec City Mall, 038983

1 last photo to end it off! With the Birthday boy and everyone else!
Back to upgrading myself! Took up PAI pilates course so as to get myself internationally certified. I took the Aug course which was held for two weeks (weekday) in the afternoon and I’m dead tired with the travelling and rushing for classes and full on overloading of brain. Just thankful that I tested out of the ABP course as I had enough knowledge from my aerobics instructor course and in-house training plus my own self study to pass the short quiz. 

Meet my coursemates!

With Angie, 1 of our trainers.

And Erick!

And lastly Sharon!

So now it’s the clearing of hours before exam that is a pain in the ass. Like literally. Clocking observation hours with limited classes is a nightmare and seriously tiring. Oh well, what is needed to be done has to be done. Chose PAI due to the course date and timing as well as liking and preferring the method/style. 

But I didn’t know beforehand that so much extra is needed or paying extra is required. Exam fees ($300) is separated from the course fees which is already >$1000. Mentorship fees which is the package for you to clock observation hours and stuff is at $300. Thankfully I had the early bird promo which means got 1 month mentorship free. And… I’m determined not to fork out extra just like my coursemate as money are hard earned. Especially for me!

My opinion is… pilates is an expensive skill

Signing off before heading for work… cause no work means no income.