Last day of 2017

Last day of 2017 and as per always… I look back at all the happenings for the past 365 days. Picking 12 pictures to represent each month is impossible so… 


Birthday was awesome. I’m always low profile and never see the need to tell anyone or show it off. No point telling the whole world how popular I am with multiple photo of cakes and stuff which (could be real or fake). No point posting pictures of expensive things that I like which eventually leads to people buying it for you. 

So I’m very blessed to be showered by all the love despite not telling anyone. And I’m thankful that there wasn’t any moments that I feel paiseh or being pushed into the limelight. 

But I wouldn’t forget being prank big time thanks to the awesome colleagues I had.


5 years long service award which by right should be 6 years. Anyway there isn’t any need to count anymore since I resigned. I was happy but happiness was short lived. Disappointment came fast and furious. 6 years of bottling up hits the boiling point.
Thankfully for the most relaxing trip to Korea planned by moi! Full planning done by me and with my mom and a good friend whom I’m thankful for taking the risk with me! I still miss the yummy food in Korea!


Hardest decision I ever made but no doubt a much needed one since I finally see how underappreciated I am. Oh well, I remembered crying non-stop throughout the day before I submit the letter. But when people don’t see your worth and you aren’t needed anymore… 😦

Family chalet with my cousins from States. The sad thing about relatives being scattered around the globe means these rare moments are extremely important to us. Because you won’t know when will we meet again?

Lastly, Fitness Fiesta 17 with some crazy ppl! And meeting my fitness idol, creator of Pop Pilates!


Freedom! I’m surprise that I held up well and I didn’t cry. Maybe cause i felt hurt? But whatever it is, it wasn’t the easiest time for I need time to heal and I was in a mode where I don’t bother nor want to be bothered. Everything irritates me and i just want to rebel against it.

At the same month, I finally upgraded myself with PAI pilates course! And I really mean it when I say finally. 

A super good experience I would say despite me grumbling about the additional hidden cost and the clocking of hours.


Falling sick for nearly 1 month and I aren’t joking. Actually started on the last week of November and man I was mad. I got a high fever till I literally feel like I’m dreaming and i lost my voice totally. I was desperate to get myself well but I was really down. Worst was that i had my Pilates exam and my best friend’s wedding in Dec.  

Pilates exam was stressful for me cause I lost motivation and drive to study since I was still sick. But… thankfully I survived. Was just totally amazed with myself. Knowledge gained the last 8 years don’t just disappear. Now I’m just waiting for my finally result which I hope to get my 1st 2 weeks of Jan. I know that I passed my practical. 😀

Bestie’s Wedding was the best time I ever had. Best bridesmaid experience out of the 3 I did.

Christmas was as per always… it’s just another day. But I’m really grateful for the many gifts received despite that I can’t give much back. 
Everything else…

2017 was full of ups and downs. From nobody to another nobody. From despair,anger to healing and finding some peace. From being used to standing for myself. The journey wouldn’t be possible with the many true friends who are always by my side. I’m thankful for having them. Looking forward to 2018 with them! ❤❤❤

New year resolutions? Nah… but I do wish for a new beginning of something and of course health and happiness for me and the people around me! ❤❤❤❤❤

With lots of hope,




Nah… just that my life is so boring that I couldn’t find a single thing to write on. I don’t travel extensively since money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t party nor go for hyped events often since I prefer peacefulness over noise. Basically I lead a life that’s so quiet that, never mind. 

Anyway, it’s not that there isn’t any interesting things that went on since I finished my to-do before the end of 2018!

1. Pilates Exam

So I finally cleared the hours required for the exam and completed both the practical & theory exam last week in stress and sickness! I was actually sick for 4 weeks since I caught a bad cold after getting my shoes and socks wet which I had no other options but to hold on for 3 hrs before i get home. By which, it became a full blown cold to high fever and completely no voice that lasted for 3 days before I could teach my classes in a soft and off tuned voice. And that resulted in me not being able to recover fully till now since I COULDN’T not teach if I don’t want to lose out on my incentive (it’s more of being penalized to me) thanks to the stupid rules of *! Freelancers like us are at disadvantage. 

Anyway that’s not the main thing! I’m just waiting for the official result and cert from the school which I should get if nothing goes wrong. I panicked for nothing since some knowledge that you gained for the past 8 years will never fade away.

2. Bestie’s Wedding

Bridesmaid duty fulfilled! 23rd Dec, TODAY!

I guess we were extremely nice and mild compared to many horror stories I heard of gatecrash games despite being a bridesmaid for the 3rd time. Yes, my mom had been very helpful by constantly reminding me it’s already the THIRD time. *roll eyes*

Games doeesn’t involve much skills except singing with some yoga poses going on, dancing to… Baby shark in different style such as… chio bu!, showing meme faces and drawing! Are they easy? 

And the above picture is just to show you how nice we were to them. Feeding them a yummy breakfast early in the morning!

Bitter: Bittergourd bread! It’s the small bittergourd thus I expect that to be super bitter.

Spicy: 2 shots. 1 of mala peanuts. The other of a combination – Tabasco sauce, wasabi, pepper and… ginger. Not just any ginger but ‘Wen Dong Jiang’ if I spelled correctly which is quite spicy! To be honest, the smell of this was… I actually had a second thought but :).

Sour: Too simple but the bride was being nice. 2 warhead candies at 1 shot. 

Sweet: Good thing comes last. Mudshake vodka with marshmallow and M&M and gummy bear.

We had a big panic due to the weirdest thing that happen. The 10 promises paper went missing. Just missing despite everyone seeing it there minutes ago. No one saw it and we searched every possible place but it’s just missing. Was so afraid my bestie will get super upset especially she made it personally and it’s her big day. Thankfully I had a picture of it which more or less got us through the morning. *phew*

Everything else were as planned and for the first time I literally had a good experience of being a bridesmaid. She planned it well that we know what we were supposed to do. And with that, I did really became a “maid”, change gown, follow her to the toilet with that heavy gown (which I only saw on a show once and i couldn’t believe it actually happened), saw the tea ceremony up close for the first time, decorate the sidetable with the other bridesmaid… etc. 

Tired by the start of the wedding lunch and I actually manage to drag myself home via the train before completely “knocked out” after shower for 3 hours. Just nice to compliment the 3 hrs of sleep i had last night or morning.

So happy for my bestie and knowing how much effort she made, I would say she rocks!

3. Planning of next trip

Where am I going? I’m not saying till after the trip is over. Which will only happen next year. :p

The planning is quite challenging for me. Unlike Korea which I quite familar with, this is somewhere new for me. I’m worry if the accomodation will be ok, if the itinary is relax enough and lastly, if I will get lost with the complicated train system.

Anyway till it happens, then I will update with a lengthy post or 2 just like how i did for Korea. I very much wants to go back to Korea but it’s time to venture out more. 

Well at least i can share a photo of my new boots before the trip which I order from Qoo10. You won’t believe how much this cost. $20+ only! Although it’s from China, the quality is really good and comfy! I ordered the jacket from Qoo10 as well and it’s only $30+ with good quality too! Qoo10 is offically my favorite as compared to Ezbuy. I’m thankful that I forgo ordering from Ezbuy seeing the chaos for 11.11. 
Before I end this post and knock out soon after since I’m quite ready to crawl back into bed, I decided to do a makeup list of what I used today. Because some of the products are too good to keep it to myself.

I can’t be bothered with makeups usually as i never like anything on my face while I work. Except for concealer, I leave my face as it is. But just to get the barely passable face for today since it’s a special occasion, these are all the things i used. *WHAT!*

P.s. This was after 8 hrs and i barely touch up for… I’m too tired to do so.

Base: The forever trusty Porefessional from Benefit. This is one product that I got hooked on after someone gave me for Xmas many years back. It makes my face look smoother and it was easier to apply everything else after. I only use it for… special occasions.

2nd layer: Cushion from Innisfree. A must have for casual day out. Got this from Korea when i got hooked on to Innisfree products. 

Concealer: My must have! Used to love Laneige concealer but I find that Innisfree concealer was better for me. It was easier to cover as well.

Highlighter and whatever it is: From Etude house. To highlight and shade the face. I bad with this.

Eyeliners: I used 2 for today. Liquid liner from Dollywink which is this brand that you can get from Watsons. Better than any other big brand and easy to apply. The other one is a cream pencil liner from Etude House. Surprisingly it works well for me as I never like pencil liner. Finally able to draw the liner on the bottom of my eyes without pain and multiple strokes.

Eyeshadows: Sephora and M.A.C are the most common ones. But I’m not overly picky over brands for this but i want it to be sparkling! And white is a must have for me. 

Tear eye liner: This is something new I got from Etude House which… I’m still figuring how to use since I’m so competent with makeup… not. But I believe it is used to achieve the eyes we see in Korean dramas/MV. Under the eyes.

Mascara: I love the brush for this Innisfree mascara. Easier for people with small eyes like me.

Blusher: This was a birthday gift from Sephora if I remembered correctly. Didn’t want something too red since it’s lunch not dinner, this was perfect. 

Lipstick: Please pardon the state of this. Lipstick from Laneige. Love all four shades and I usually match 2 colors together. I love this as compared to the usual ones as it is smoother to apply with brush and it isn’t sticky and there isn’t a strong taste to it.

I’m have to admit that I prefer Asian brands as they seems to suit my skin better. Innisfree is the top of my list with Etude house and Laneige closer behind. Dollywink was a suprising discovery. Other than that, Sephora and M.A.C provides acceptable products as well except it comes with a higher price tag. 

And that’s all for it’s been too long since I wrote and compressing everything into 1 is always easier than writing mutiple posts as useless as this. Ending off with a photo of yummy food that I had last weekend!

Heading off to sleep,