About Essa

Essa is just a name that came from a combination of mine and Elsa from Frozen. Elsa is someone I relate to, someone whom is always hiding her true self, someone who is unable to express her thoughts. But yet, she is strong and she have the love inside her. She freezes but yet understand love warms everything.

I do not fit the bill of my job description nor do I look like my actual age. I surprises people who meets me for the first time and as mentioned in my very first post, I am not someone who is good in expressing myself.

This place is just a outlet for me to document my memories and my thoughts as I tend to rant out more through writing (Not strongly, I’m afraid) than through speaking. Hope to polish up my writing skills as well as to have a place to read back as I grow older and my brain memory space gets smaller.


Photo: Korea 2014, End Autumn in Seoul


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